A hidden-gem in Amsterdam where art meets whisky


A hidden-gem in Amsterdam where art meets whisky

Inspired by the world’s most awarded Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whisky, artist Tadej Oblak has used the bar of five-star hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam as a blank canvas, where each stroke of the brush reveals another story. The Flying Deer is a neo-pop art interpretation based on the characteristic foundations of both Glenfiddich and The Grand, featuring the interplay between classic and modern. The motto of the collaboration between the three icons Glenfiddich, The Grand and Tadej Oblak is ‘crown the occasion’.

Take a seat at the bar or at one of the cozy tables and be amazed by the inspiring art and delicious whiskies. Especially for The Flying Deer, Executive Chef Raoul Meuwese has paired each Glenfiddich whisky with one of his signature dishes. Want to indulge yourself the extraordinary way? Choose one of the special Whisky Flights and discover three different types of Glenfiddich whiskies.

Opening The Flying Deer - Chantalle Laurent Photography (48)


The artist behind The Flying Deer

Tadej Oblak (also know as Pop—Art by Tadej) is a young talented artist who lives in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) since 2016. He is fascinated and inspired by “hundred faces, million face expressions”. Everything comes together in his portraits of legends and icons. Recently he also started working on pop products. Known for his bright colours and edgy motives, he draws inspiration from the American 50’s pop-art movement, with a hint of Modernistic and an Abstract touch. He studied visual communications at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and started exploring other places to deepen his knowledge of old traditional graphic techniques, for example in Zagreb (Croatia) at the Academy of Fine Arts. The road ultimately led him to Amsterdam where he creates his art work now-days in his own studio.

Opening The Flying Deer - Chantalle Laurent Photography (48)


Especially for The Flying Deer Executive Chef Raoul Meuwese has paired each Glenfiddich whisky with one of his signature dishes.
Glenfiddich 12 years
Beetroot with cassis, treviso tardivo and sourdough

The ultimate combination, where the fresh and fruity tones from the whisky combine perfectly with the cassis. The oaky flavour has a strong connection with the bitter tones in this unique salad.

Glenfiddich 15 years
Oxtail with brioche, silverskin onion and raw mushroom

Chef Raoul slow cooked this stew and added a hint of cloves. The brioche has an accent of malt and the typical Amsterdam union gives the pallet a hint of freshness, just like the whisky.

Glenfiddich 18 years
Tartelette with apple
and cinnamon

The ultimate pairing between these great whiskies and sweet pastry. Chef Raoul and Glenfiddich Ambassador Tony have been loving this combination for years, but why? For this whisky, the European oak is the key to the Eugenol, a chemistry term for wood aromas. This is a perfect balance with the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves from the tartelette. The dried fruits from the whisky are similar to fresh apple aromas, which matches perfectly with the baked apple

Glenfiddich 21 years
Cauliflower with beurre noisette, hazelnut and truffle

The rum casks finish of this whisky perfectly matches the sweetness of the cauliflower. The beurre noisette accentuates the stickiness in the mouthfeel, making this whisky very rich.

Glenfiddich 23 years
Steak tartare with oyster, horseradish
and lavas

This whisky has been in a casks for 23 years, with a finish in a famous French sparkling wine cask. This whisky pairs perfectly with the steak tartare, as the shallot has been marinated in fine champagne.

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane
Hamachi with mussel, Mole Verde
and radish

The earthy tones from the Mole Verde and the radish connect to the smoked spirit of this whisky. The vinaigrette with mussels accentuates the sweet tones derived from the rum barrel.

Glenfiddich IPA
Perle Imperial caviar with potato,
crème fraîche and chives

The herbal tones in the fragrance of the whisky, is recognizable in the freshly chopped chives. The Perle Imperial caviar has a rich, creamy and slightly salted flavour. The crème fraiche brings back the freshness from this experimental whisky.

Glenfiddich Project XX
Sweetbread with Jerusalem artichoke, salmiak and palm cabbage

The complexity and bite of this whisky matches perfectly with this muscular meat, which is a delicatesse. The creamy Jerusalem artichoke and cabbage makes this a great bite.

The Grand Glenfiddich 1992
Wagyu A4 with celeriac, mushroom and
Perle Imperial caviar

Exclusief gedistilleerd voor The Grand

Not only does wagyu beef have higher levels of intra-muscular fat (or marbling), but the texture of the meat is finer, resulting in a more flavorsome eating experience. The Grand Glenfiddich 1992 became whisky in an American oak barrel, which provides the sweetness. The sauce of this dish contains bone marrow and red wine, which complements the whisky. This whisky is exclusively available at The Grand.